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Gym amovita

Hotel with gym Salzburg
Hotel with personal training Austria

Guests have the best prospects for renewed fitness here at the Alpina. With specific, targeted training in the movita fitness studio with the most modern cardio and strength training equipment and a NEW CrossTraining-area, skilled trainers are always by your side and will even put together your own personal fitness program!

No matter what season, spring, summer, fall, or winter, our Wellness & Vital team has compiled the right relaxation, wellness, or health program for you!

  • Forest run
  • Step Circle
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Aqua Meditation
  • Active back exercises
  • Nordic Walking
  • Warm-up und Pilates
  • Spinal-mobilization
  • Body and Soul with deep muscle relaxation
  • Tai-Bo for beginners
  • Seat-ball exercise
  • Exercise for skiers

and so much more.

A personal training consultation guarantees optimal muscle growth during cardio and endurance workouts, as well as during strength workouts, plus your heart/circulatory system will be carefully monitored.

Hours of operation: 7:30am - 09:00pm

What is special about our Fitnessstudio the gym we offer this exercise programme:

  • Individual sport programmes
  • Injury prevention 
  • Sport-specific counterbalance training
  • Sport-specific supplementary training
  • Regeneration exercise

The therapeutic training programme:

Enhanced functionality through:

  • movement-specific mobility
  • muscular facilitation and stabilization
  • pressure-specific coordination

The Wellness programme:

  • Recovery and movement-activated regeneration
  • Enjoyment of physical exercises
  • Reduction of disharmonious functionality
  • Good appearance, good physique, enjoyment of life for optimal well-being.

The health training:   

  • Development and preservation of optimal health
  • Individual training programme
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Stretching and greater mobility
  • Improved physical coordination