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Ayuveda Wellness Hotel Salzburg

Ayurveda, “the science of a long and healthy life“, is a holistic healing method that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. Encompassing all areas of life, Ayurveda aims to bring body and mind into balance.

Abhyanga - The oil massage

Ayurvedic full-body stroking with warm sesame oils – encourages complete well-being and increases metabolism.

75 min | € 90.-


Ayurvedic head and neck massage. Ayurveda designates the head as the “gateway to heaven”. Shiroabhyanga helps us free the mind which in turn increases energy flow and opens us up to deep relaxation.

40 min | € 55.-


Ayurvedic foot and leg massage – also known to relieve sleeplessness and anxiety.

30 min | € 45.-

Garshan Silk Glove Massage

This Ayurvedic dry massage is performed using a glove of raw silk. It is known to stimulate both the metabolic and lymph systems. Done regularly, this treatment is effective against cellulite and also has a light exfoliating effect.

25 min | € 31.-