CHANDANA Treatment

Ayurvedic full-body massage that increases vitality and health. Your body will be covered in warm oil which ist applied and massaged in by gentle, competent hands. An encompassing feeling of relaxation will help bring body and soul to rest.

This very special massage stimulates the metabolism, impurities are released from the cells and discarded. The immune system is strengthened , the skin becomes soft and supple.

Treatment duration: app. 75 min. incl. resting time Euro 90.00


Ayurveda head-face and neck massage with warming oils. This gentle kind of massage is very relaxing, helps with chronic headaches, beautifies the face, and leads to deep, quiet sleep.

Treatment duration: ca. 30 min. incl. resting time Euro 46.00


Leg and foot massage. This treatment creates a state of deep relaxation and an absolute sense of well-being.

Treatment duration: app. 30 min. incl. resting time Euro 49.00

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