Asian baths

Our Asian baths are an incomparable experience in a far-eastern ambiance, which leave behind a feeling of total relaxation and regeneration.

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Overview of Asian beauty & spa

Bath for the Senses

Bath of the Senses

A scented bath of herbs or blossoms is an excellent way to relax, regenerate and refresh. Submerge yourself in the enclosing warmth, close your eyes and feel the herbs and blossoms on your skin. The scented Asian bath has a meditative effect, creates an impression of the Far East and sends your senses into a world of fantasy through the sound of BUBBLES...

Treatment duration: app. 20 min. Euro 28.00

Cleopatra bath

Milk and honey, with their high nutrient content play an important role in natural medicine. The soothing combination provides a particularly mild form of skin care. Rich with protein, vitamin and mineral content, this bath replenishes dry skin with much-needed oils.

English Rose

The rose bloom essence works deep into your consciousness and equals out imbalances. Has a soothing effect on sensitive, allergy-prone skin. 

Hay flower

This herbal essence is a naturally healing preperative to help you stay healthy and fit. You´ll feel fresh and active after this herbal bath.


A harmonious, equalising composition of fine jasmine blossoms - deeply relaxing and calming for the skin.


Works to calm irritated and sensitive skin, has a calming effect on breathing passages.

Lavender flowers

Essence of lavender blossoms stimulates and regenerates the human nervous system, but also has a calming and relaxing effect.

Sea salt bath

The detoxifying effect of Dead Sea salt is ideal for purifying the skin, Strongly stimulates the metabolism and is therefore particularly effective with allergies, problem skin, breathing difficulty, joint and circulatory problems.

KENZOKI Milk white Lotus Bath

This skin is totally smoothed and is enveloped with a relaxing embracing scent of the Lotus flower.

Tropical monsoon bath

You can go to a small, comfortable, warm oasis for just yourself or for two. Warm, moist mist envelopes your body and allows your chosen package to release its active agents!


Moor has the effect of sloly but very intensively warming the body interior - muscles, joints and organs. Soothing for spinal cord, back pain, damaged ligaments, circulatory problems and arthritis.

For cosmetic purposes, natural moor, applied in a very thin layer, serves with it´s low pH levels to regenerate the skin´s acid coat.


This dried mineral mud found in hot sources, is particularly effective with rheumatic illnesses or various joint problems. Also effective in easing muscle tension.

Healing Chalk

Ancient Roman Lore tells of the tradition of adding marble dust to bath water. The Romans recognised very early the soothing and healing effect of the grainy, crystalline limestone. The components in marble can be found in a similar form in Rugen Healing Chalk.

The Healing Chalk serves to relax, purify and cleanse the skin. Metabolism is encouraged, muscle rheumatism and illness to the joints are mitigated.  

Tropical monsoon bath

Total treatment for 1 person app. 55 min. Euro 55.00
Total treatment for 2 people app. 55 min. Euro 75.00

ASIA Pearl Oyster

Tender care for body and soul with meditative sounds in the ASIA pearl shell.

Aroma and colour therapy

While away your time on a warming water bed embedded in a pearl shell. Through the wonderful combination of a membrane massage with aroma-, colour and sound therapy you will find yourself transported to an oasis of leisure -  let your soul wander.

Treatment duration: app. 25 min. Euro 20.00

Body Packs in the ASIA PEARL SHELL

A Membrane massage especially attuned to your body, soothing aromatherapy scents and meditative sounds serve to free the body and spirit of daily cares.

Cleopatra pack

High quality soothing oils and creams soak the skin with the necessary minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Wrapped in towels soaked in milk and honey you will feel like a pearl on a bed of clouds.

Treatment duration: app. 50 min. Euro 55.00

Thalasso pack

This algae pack works naturally through red and brown algae and pure sea salt from the Breton coast. The trace elements stimulate your cell and oxygen metabolism and support the removal of fat deposits in the tissue. The minerals and trace elements develop their purifying and fat reducing effelct after about 15 minutes.

Treatment duration: app. 50 min. Euro 55.00

Night Candle Oil Pack

Through the use particularly high quality ingredients, the night candle oil pack has an intensively regenerative and moisturising effect. Soothing for irritable skin. Skin that tends towards infection or sensitive to allergies, as well is dermatitis and psoriasis. Daily worries recede as you are wrapped in specially dampened body towels.

Treatment duration: app. 50 min. Euro 55.00

Japanese Trilogy

With this far-eastern bathing ritual you will finally find time for yourself. Immerse youeself in our Fountain of youth for inner vitality and beauty. Being at one with yourself is to find true happiness - this is how we hope to contribute to the process.

It begins with smooth, soft skin and a refreshed spirit:

* with a wonderful steam bath of Jasmin blossoms                                           * with a soft soap brush massage  - we´ll stroke away the day´s minor worries
* with a bath that awakens all the senses

On original Japanese beds, you can fully rest and unwind!

Japanese Trilogy

Treatment duration: app. 1.5 hrs. Euro 79.00 (1 Person- incl.resting time)
Treatment duration: app. 1.5 hrs. Euro 109.00 (2 People – incl. resting time)

Salt Massage

During this treatment you are at one with the elementary power of the sea.There exists between the sea and the human body a natural harmony. This special salt, which is applied to the body, has an unusually high mineral content and stored organic substances such as mud and algae. 

A deep sense of relaxation and well-being will bring you close to an indescribable feeling of inner harmony:

* with a wonderful steam bath of Jasmine blossoms
* with a uniquely calibrated salt massage which leaves a soft saline film on your skin
* with a special bath of sea salts, which strengthens the skin´s protective coating and corrects its pH-values.

Our original Japanese beds provide undisturbed rest.

Japanese salt massage

Treatment duration: app. 1.5 hrs. Euro 79.00 (1 Person - incl. resting time)
Treatment duration: app. 1.5 hrs. Euro 109.00 (2 People – incl. resting time)

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